About Speed Dial

Speed dial widget is the best way to get in touch with your favorites with just one touch dialer. You can Message, Quick Call and Video call etc. Straight from your home screen.

Amazing Featuress

Speed Dial For Call

Just Tap & Call

Just one tap and do Actions : Phone Call , SMS , WhatsApp message, WhatsApp Call , Skype call, Facebook messenger, Google Duo Video call.

Speed Dial Widget

Choose Favorite Theme

Choose app colour theme or your choice.

one touch dialer

Change Shapes Contacts

Change shape of Contact List photo's.

Quick call

Add Widget Home Screen

You call & message to all your selected contacts from home screen using app widget.

Why Use This App

Speed Dial for Elder

For the Elderly -

All of your important contacts
available at the touch of your finger.

Helpful for Kids -

Kids who are not able to read yet can
easily call to their Mom & Dad by

speed dial for kids